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Youth Ministries

Teen Sunday School – Meets in The Youth Room

We want our teenagers to be firmly rooted in their faith. The curriculum below is just a sample of what will help us accomplish that goal on a weekly basis!

From the first study of the year…
“Who is Jesus?” People have asked this
for thousands of years. Our students are
asking it, as well. And how they answer
it is one of the most important things
they’ll ever do. John answered this
question for us by proving the identity of
Christ, painting a picture of Jesus as the
Son of God, the promised Messiah, and
the redeemer of God’s children.
Proof helps students see exactly who Christ is throughHis powerful teaching, His amazing miracles, and His death and resurrection.”

Through age appropriate discussions, our youth will be
challenged to cultivate for themselves an authentic,
grounded faith. Each class helps our teen’s dig deep into
core truths of the Christian faith through fun experiences
they won’t soon forget!

Our Youth Ministry for students in grades 7-12 meets most Sundays from 5-7 pm in the Youth Room, which is located on the lower level of the church. The typical gathering starts and ends in the Youth Room, and in between we take time to play games and have a snack or two, pray for each other, worship God through song and hear about how we can be better Christ followers through relevant teaching. It’s a wonderful time and we hope you can join us soon…All Youth are welcome!

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