Summer Hours - 9:30am Traditional in Sanctuary - 11:15am Contemporary in The Cafe. Join us!


Basic Information

Adult Sunday School began September 17th, 2017 and will continue through June 10th, 2018. Classes run simultaneously with Youth Education from 10:45-11:30 on Sunday mornings during the school year, between the 9:30 and 11:45 worship services.


Social Justice Class

helping hurtsThe Social Justice Class is a gathering of people who are concerned about the pursuit of social justice in our society (and in our churches). The class meets weekly to discuss issues that confront us. This year we will be studying the book, “When Helping hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself.” The group will also continue our relationship with International Justice Mission. In addition to our studies, time is also given to discussion of current events and issues that arise.
Come and join us. We have a wide spectrum of thought, and we make sure that all perspectives and insights are honored.

Meets: upstairs in Classroom 3B

for All Adults
(Sundays at 10:45am)



A Cup of Joy for Adult Women


let it go 2Come enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and the opportunity for spiritual growth, support and friendship. Experience a taste of laughter and fun through a variety of inspirational programs. No need to sign up, or read the book in advance…just come!
Each session begins with a snack and time to mingle, and then women experience activities that lead to many intriguing studies on relevant topics for women.
This year’s study is: Let.It.Go. by Karen Ehman. Since Women are wired to control life’s details, in her book she gives women practical, biblically based steps for
letting go of the need to control, dictate, and even manipulate the people and situations around them, and instead, trust that God has their best interests in mind.

Meets: downstairs in Cooper Hall.

for Adult Women
(Sundays at 10:45am)






A Cup of Joe for Adult Men

ten menCup of Joe, is a gathering of men, for study, conversation and prayer. We will begin this Fall with discussions from the book, Ten Men of The Bible, by Max Lucado.
The men of the Bible aren’t depicted there because they were perfect, but
to highlight their faithfulness to God! In Ten Men of The Bible, Lucado looks
at the stories of some of these scriptural characters, pointing out key decisions they made – and the good or bad consequences that resulted. You do not have to have read the  book in advance to participate.

Meets upstairs in Classroom 3C

Any and all men are invited to join the conversation any
Sunday at 10:45am.

No need to sign up…just come.

Any and all men are invited to join the conversation any
Sunday at 10:45am.


“A Guided Tour Through the Gospels”

jesus word 1Most of us have read one or more of the Biblical Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. We might say to ourselves after reading, “Didn’t I just read that somewhere else?” In this study we will seek to come to a better understanding of Jesus, the
central figure of all human history.

Why do we have Four Gospels?

We typically read the Gospel accounts individually, but in this class, we will study the life of Jesus, event, by event, comparing one Gospel to the others. The emphasis of this class will be on deepening our own understanding of Jesus and exploring further what it means to follow him.

Meets: in The Café-1st and 3rd Thursday’s at 6:30pm
beginning Thursday, November 2

for All Adults
(1st & 3rd Thursdays at 6:30pm)