Join us for in-person, socially distanced services, Sunday INDOOR service at 9:30am
OUTDOOR Service is at 11:15am (weather permitting)
The 9:30 service will be live-streamed on Facebook.

Mission & Vision


South United Methodist Church Mission & Vision

Understanding South United Methodists Church’s mission and vision, helps you understand the journey we are embarking on together.

We’ve made a conscious choice to focus on the future and balance our Methodist traditions with today’s modern times. Come be a part of South Church’s Vitality Movement where we are active Followers of Christ and where the Joy of Life in Christ Overflows!


Details of our Mission

As living examples of Christ, we will be a welcoming and inclusive community. We will equip disciples for  Jesus Christ. We will study, preach, and teach the Word. We will pray, praise, worship and participate in fellowship. We will reach out and give to those in need, providing nurture and comfort.


Believing that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and acknowledging that every person is a child of God, we desire to know, understand and share the gospel with all of God’s children by our words and our actions.